You know, I’m a big fan of making lists. And after writing and rewriting what I wanted to say about Andrea and Adam’s once in a lifetime day, I’ve found that a list is exactly the way to talk about this momentous occasion. So, without further ado, Mary Ella’s Curated Pros and Cons List of Getting Married In Hurricane Weather…


-Grey skies make for gorgeous skin tones in portraits, crazy color pops, incredibly dreamy black and white images.


-Literally weathering a storm is symbolic of other less tangible upheavals in life, especially when it’s done with the help of those nearest and dearest.

-A good downpour makes you realize how truly futile the whole attempt at perfectly planning a day down to the second really is, and how delicious it is to give in to a little bit of chaos.

-Raindrops can mostly disguise happy tears. ….mostly ;)


-Umbrellas are perfectly useful, perfectly pretty photo props.

-Extra time is automatically added in to the day for ‘drying off’ (aka a perfect excuse to dizzily, happily smooch your new spouse)


-Free slip and slide! (No groomsmen were seriously injured, at least not on camera!)


-Puddle splashing is free and easy entertainment for littles in attendance.


-Brides with boho beachy theme boards literally pay looooooots of money for hair that curls this artistically after a drench + dry.


-Okay, we’re gonna circle back on that amazingly dramatic light point because SERIOUSLY.

-Any break in the weather is considered a sacred space, and is immediately taken full advantage of.

-Your photographer is gonna get a little weird and experimental with things.


-Things May Get Wet
-Okay Seriously, No That’s It.

I truly cannot be more thankful for Andrea and Adam’s incredible outlook on a day that I know would inspire serious meltdowns. Their ability to keep focus on what really mattered made for amazing photographs, but even more importantly, for an amazingly memorable day for everyone involved. I’ve had a few weddings that’ve happened with inclement weather that I always show to clients that’re nervous about their rain-plan, but this is the new benchmark. Congratulations to these two for seriously dancing in the rain! -MEJ